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Hi i have a report that gives details about warehouse packages. i was asked to insert shipping address and id number on the top. so as per their requirement it should be on the page header.

but as we know we cannot add fields to page header. so what i did was i created a group by ship to name and inserted all the values in it. that was fine.

then they asked me to insert another group based on item number. and in that group i have inserted the labels for the details. ok that was also good. then again they wanted to group it by seq number and there i have inserted some fields like item number and description. finally i have details row where i have displayed some more details. so here comes my problem. when i tried to do sum for the package quantity which was in the 3rd group from the 3 group footer that is the item number group footer i am required to get the sum of the values that were being seen on the quantity coloumn. but when i do the sum it is showing me the total quantities sum like if we have 2 serial quantities and as i was grouping it in third group again the values are showing up as 2 and 2 in both rows instead of 1 1 and sum is showing up as 4 but i need only 2.. so if any body could understand my problem please answer it . if you have any doubts please just keep a reply iwill get back to you soon....

No the actual format is some thing like this:

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Is this report printing one picking slip at a time or multiple picking slips with multiple shipping addresses? –  Chris Lätta Jan 5 '10 at 2:13
gr_hdr1( just mentioning the name here.. ship to name) ship to name type contact prsn ordrno phone number address grp_hdr2(grp by item number) 1 item number itemdescription uofm quantity------these are labels 2 s/l lot –  abhi Jan 5 '10 at 2:44
grp_hdr3(group by seq) item number description u of m quantity these are fields details section s/l lot grp_ ftr3 grp_ftr 2 total : sum( quantity) here i give u one example 1 item number description uofm qty 2 S/L 1 ab23 this is an item each 1 2 1 2 1 total 2 here instead of 1 in the quantity it is giving 2 and the total as 4 that is my problem –  abhi Jan 5 '10 at 2:45

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