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Using JavaFX when I create a TextField and set


and then click on the field the blue box shows up around it. I guess that makes sense but there is no



I want to get rid of the box. Any suggestions?

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The setFocusTraversable(false) disables the focus traversing (by TAB and SHIFT+TAB) for that node. Thus it has nothing related with node's GUI style. To hide the focused blue color do:
Via code

numberField.setStyle("-fx-focus-color: transparent;");

or via css file

.text-field {
    -fx-focus-color: transparent;

or pseudo class in css file

     -fx-focus-color: transparent;

-fx-focus-color is not a css property, it is a predefined color of caspian.css (JavaFX 2).

This answer is related to and referenced from: How do I remove the default border glow of a JavaFX button (when selected)?.

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Thanks for the detailed help! I am sure it will help others out. – BAR Nov 18 '13 at 3:57

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