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In R, how can I import the contents of a multiline text file (containing SQL) to a single string?

The sql.txt file looks like this:

FROM rates

I need to import that text file into an R string such that it looks like this:

> sqlString
[1] "SELECT TOP 100 setpoint, tph FROM rates"

That's so that I can feed it to the RODBC like this

> library(RODBC)
> myconn<-odbcConnect("RPM")
> results<-sqlQuery(myconn,sqlString)

I've tried the readLines command as follows but it doesn't give the string format that RODBC needs.

> filecon<-file("sql.txt","r")
> sqlString<-readLines(filecon, warn=FALSE)
> sqlString
[1] "SELECT TOP 100 "                              "\t[Reclaim Setpoint Mean (tph)] as setpoint, "
[3] "\t[Reclaim Rate Mean (tph)] as tphmean "       "FROM [Dampier_RC1P].[dbo].[Rates]"           
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The versatile paste() command can do that with argument collapse="":

R> lines <- readLines("/tmp/sql.txt")
R> lines
[1] "SELECT TOP 100 " " setpoint, "     " tph "           "FROM rates"     
R> sqlcmd <- paste(lines, collapse="")
R> sqlcmd
[1] "SELECT TOP 100  setpoint,  tph FROM rates"
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Thanks Dirk - that works, except the string looks like this "SELECT TOP 100\t setpoint,\t tph\t FROM rates\t". Just needed to add gsub("\t","", sqlcmd) –  Tommy O'Dell Jan 5 '10 at 2:37
Well what I copied had not tabs, in any event the SQL parser will probably ignore the tabs anyway and you found the gsub() -- all good. –  Dirk Eddelbuettel Jan 5 '10 at 2:47
This will likely butcher your query if you have any -- comments, won't it? I'd use paste(readLines('pathto/query.sql'), collapse = "\n") –  Serban Tanasa Mar 10 at 13:34

Here's the final version of what I'm using. Thanks Dirk.

gsub("\t","", sqlString)
tph <- qcc(results$tphmean[1:50], type="xbar.one", ylim=c(4000,12000), std.dev=600)
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try paste(sqlString, collapse=" ")

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I use sql <- gsub("\n","",sql) and sql <- gsub("\t","",sql) together.

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