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Let's say that I have the following code:

SELECT * FROM table where company LIKE '%Auto%'

And I receive more results, and I want to have an option to sort the results alphabetically, let's say that the user wants to sort the search results for the ones which start with "C"!

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Don't use %Auto% if you don't have to - it can't use a index if one exists on the column, but Auto% will. –  OMG Ponies Jan 5 '10 at 2:01

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Well, it seems that you are talking about two different things. If you are interested in sorting you would need to use the ORDER BY clause:


If you want to filter the results by items that start with the letter 'C' then you would want to add another LIKE clause with that letter:

SELECT * FROM table where company LIKE '%Auto%' AND name LIKE 'C%'

Additionally you'll notice that the name filter only has the % after the query. This is the syntax for "starts with"

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Use the ORDER BY clause:

FROM table
where company LIKE '%Auto%'
order by company
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add ORDER BY company, assuming you want to sort by the company value.

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