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I'm starting a Console Application from a batch file as a background Startup Task in a Cloud Project.

i have a batch file that will start the application and print messages to log file:

   $logfile = %LOGFOLDER%/StartupLogFile.txt
   "Starting console application" >> $logfile // print message to txt file 
  `MyConsoleApplication.exe -parameter1 value ...-parameterN valueN 

The Conosole Application may file due to incorrect parameters and i would like to print that to the logfile. Is there anyway to "listen" to the application output and print it to log?



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MyConsoleApplication.exe -parameter1 value ...-parameterN valueN 2>>%LOGFOLDER%StartupLogFile.txt

> or 1> will redirect STDOUT

2>will redirect STDERR

to redirect both streams, use command >>logfile 2>&1

Edit: you can make a complete logfile like this:

echo This is my logfile >logfile.txt
echo **** Starting application at %date% %time% >>logfile.txt
myconsoleapplication.exe -parameter1 value1 >>logfile.txt 2>&1
echo **** End of application at %date% %time% >>logfile.txt

the single > will write a new (or overwrite an existing) file, the >> will append to the file.

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works like a charm, thanks! is there any way to add time&&date before log entries from MyConsoleApplication.exe? can i somehow use echo %date% %time% for this also? – Dan Dinu Nov 18 '13 at 8:32
yes, you can - see my edit – Stephan Nov 18 '13 at 14:25

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