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We are planning to replace our web app controls with 3rd party components, and shortlisted Coolite, Telerik and DevExpress.

All these components look impressive and comprehensive and thus I would like to hear some review here and propose one of these.


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Major dupage bro stackoverflow.com/questions/428376/… –  Pierreten Jan 5 '10 at 2:13
Not just a dupe, but off-topic (tool recommendation, primarily opinion-based). Voting to close. –  Adi Inbar Mar 26 at 23:48

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All I can speak for is Telerik, and they have a great product. THeir support is good, they get back to you promptly, and do what they can to address the problem, and do what they can to get you in working order in case they can't get certain changes deployed in time.

They have a wide array of products, so they aren't just web or windows or WPF, but all. If you are looking for more specific contents, please post and I'll add some additional details.

Check out their controls at demos.telerik.com

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Hi Brian, Thanks for your comment. However I heard that both DevExpress and Telerik are too heavy on client side and Coolite with ExtJs has a better performance. What do you think? –  ppqsupport Jan 5 '10 at 3:16
There is a lot of script related to telerik, I will say that. The MVC framework is pretty light still, so that isn't too bad. Though telerik built it's own RadCompression tool to compress static scripts and silverlight apps that works above and beyond IIS compression, so that helps. The telerik script manager can combine script files too... And generally, the performance is pretty good. I can agree with the benefit of lighter script files... I don't know how to really be fair to you in that evaluation, not knowing what Coolite does... Either way, small page sizes help too with that.. –  Brian Mains Jan 5 '10 at 3:41
Hi Brian, thanks again for your opinion. Coolite seems impressive to me as they made ExtJS components available for ASP.NET. Coolite demo examples.coolite.com –  ppqsupport Jan 6 '10 at 10:56
I'm not so fond of telerik's performance. It leaves a little to be desired. –  Jonn Sep 2 '10 at 1:26
Some things maybe not, but we use a lot of Telerik + Web Services and that works really well. –  Brian Mains Sep 2 '10 at 12:00

My vote is coolite Ext.Net, I have been using them for about a month now and while they are still under constant development and even change the API every once in a while, they are worth it. Very simple to use and extend once you get the hang of it. And since they are just wrapping ExtJS for the .Net developer, you can rely on ExtJS for documentation of the harder parts, they have a pretty large community and are pretty stable.

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Do you want decent MVC support which isn't just an afterthought or hack work-around? Scratch DevExpress and Coolite from your list and go with Telerik. If you're just using web forms and are already comfortable with DevExpress compononents from another suite (eg DXpereience) I'd go with DevExpress (not only great controls but REALLY good support). If you're not already very familiar with DevExpress style I'd actually recommend obout (http://www.obout.com/) above the other three choices. Their grid alone is worth its weight in gold.

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Just out of curiosity,are you familiar with Telerik's support? I was just curious how DevExpress's support compared to Telerik's. –  Brian Mains Jan 5 '10 at 3:42
Hi FerretallicA, thanks for your reply. We don't have any plan yet for MVC. What we concern are the performance and the flexibility of the components. –  ppqsupport Jan 5 '10 at 3:47
Brian: ignoring commercial support packages for a moment (I only have an active DevExpress subscription, no Telerik) the free support available with DevExpress (support.devexpress.com forums, knowledge base etc) and apparent 'community' is much better with DevExpress than Telerik. Telerik has better sample code in its favour as DevExpress samples tend to be more of a demonstration than anything informative (or even remotely possible to follow without guidance), though there are still plenty more situation-specific unofficial samples available on the aforementioned DevExpress support channels. –  nathanchere Jan 5 '10 at 21:40
On looking into them more, Coolite may not have MVC support as a priority but their demos are REALLY impressive and it looks like they have major features none of the other packages seem to offer yet. The tabbed desktop interface is particularly nice. That said, bugs abound and I wouldn't base a commercial product on their controls. –  nathanchere Jan 7 '10 at 1:25

I can't speak for Telerik or Coolite since I don't use them. However DevExpress is a great tool, if your going to use MVC then DevExpress will not be your choice today. Their support is top notch, I get a response the day I submit my question. Not only does the DevExpress Support team answer my question they will throw in a sample project to help me get going. The documentation is pretty good and they throw in some videos on their DX Channel. Their support responsiveness is what has kept me a customer for 7 years.

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My vote is for Telerik. The controls are great for Rapid Application Development. They have the widest selection across the widest platforms; ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, Winforms, Silverlight.

I wouldn't recommend any 3rd party controls for performance critical or enterprise apps UNLESS you need a majority of the features that each controls comes with - any many come with oodles and oodles of features. As others have stated some controls are really bloated (particularly ASP.NET) and perform badly against simpler, customised implementations.

If you do go with Telerik bear in mind that their documentation is really really bad, so spending a few extra pounds on a support package is well worth it. Their suppport team usually answer within a day. Send them a repro environment and they'll generally fix it for you too :-)

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I have used both Telerik and DevExpress in the past, both are in my opinion excellent, and have a similar features set and support. However my personal favorite is Telerik, because well in general their controls seem just better thought out and are easier to use.

Also if you are into reporting, Telerik reports support one data source per component, whereas DevExpress uses one data source per report section. Not a major difference, but very important if you are designing complex detail reports where you need to incorporate header-bound data in each detail. There are ways to get around this problem in DevExpress, through additional detail sections or subreports, but that means you cannot put a detail-bound element besides a header-bound element, they have to be vertically arranged. Subreports also are harder to maintain because now for a single output you need to manage 2 (or more) separate report templates. In this aspect Telerik is a clear winner.

Also, entirely subjective, but Telerik controls to me look better and seem less resource-intensive.

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