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I am using ActionBar.Tabs with ViewPager, and it looks like enter image description here

I implemented the ActionBar.TabListener and ViewPager.OnPageChangeListener to support that when user swipe pages in ViewPager, the tab indicator will change accordingly (the blue indicator will move to the corresponding tab).

Now I realized that the blue indicator changes without any animation, and it doesn't look good. (when I swipe from tab1 to tab2, the blue indicator disappear under tab1 and appear under tab2). Is there a way to change it so that when I switch tabs, the blue tab indicator moves smoothly between tabs?

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Take a look at – Andrew Flynn Nov 18 '13 at 2:11

Use the TabLayout class from the design support library:

It has a setupWithViewPager to easily connect it with a ViewPager, and it has a sliding indicator bar.

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