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I'm currently hard at work developing my first Web application, and I have stumbled hard upon an issue on the iOS mobile-devices' Safari Browser.

If I create a cookie set to expire in x days (basically any cookie created, session-only or otherwise), and hard-reset the browser on the phone (as in closing the app entirely or restarting the phone), the cookie is destroyed.

Why is that? And how can I avoid it?

The same thing happens with objects stored in LocalStorage.

Also, if it can not be avoided, what other way of storing my app-data should I use? Server-side storage is last resort here.

The phone settings have been checked, nothing indicates that the browser is rejecting- or is set to clear cookies on session/app exit.

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You can't rely on user's phone cookies / local storage to store important states; use server-side storage instead. –  Raptor Nov 18 '13 at 6:26

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As Shivan Raptor said, important data should be stored server-side.

After some fiddling, I also found that localStorage apparently survives app hard-reset, whereas cookies do not.


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