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From this SO answer, it said that

POST is also more secure than GET, because you aren't sticking information into a URL. And so using GET as the method for an HTML form that collects a password or other sensitive information is not the best idea.

However in mobile app environment (iOS and Android, etc.), I guess this is not the case as it does not have the URL address bar or using the bookmark.

From my previous experience, I tried:

  1. GET, a lots of key-value pair strings.
  2. GET, a key with a JSON data string.
  3. GET, a key with a base64 string.
  4. POST, different data such as array, dict or image.
  5. Mixed GET and POST, POST data and GET auxiliary parameters such as timestamp.

If I want to send data contain images, strings, arrays and dicts. Concerning both security and performance, which way is the best?

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you can send via https, and send post form-encode data

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