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I am a bit stuck with how to update a JIRA resolution field from "Unresolved" to "Done" using the JIRA REST API, I have the following JSON data and I am updating using the PUT method, what I noticed is that, for updating a field such as Summary it works and updates properly with no hustle and bustle.

The following is my data which I use as a request:

{"update" : {"resolution" : [{"set" : {"name":"Done"} }] } }

and it still doesn't work. I have tried googling for an example on this with no success.

Any sort of help is highly appreciated.

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The resolution field is not a normal field, and can only be changed in value when you change an item from unresolved to resolved.

You may be able to create a workflow that will allow you to change this value without needing to explicitly reopen it and use that with the REST API; but I've not tried this myself.

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Hi Petesh, thank you for the quick reply, I was a bit surprised when a lot of update issue examples I went through did not show it, makes sense now :). Your suggestions is worth trying, I shall update you with the progress about it, thanks once again. – Raymond Nakampe Nov 18 '13 at 9:35
I know you can do it via a transition where the transition screen has the Resolution field on it. You might also be able to do this using the Script Runner add-on – mdoar Nov 18 '13 at 21:01

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