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I have Thai characters in MySQL but they don't transfer to my ASP generated web page correctly. I have spent time reading about similar problems and solutions but still haven't achieved success. I've linked to screen shots of the crucial factors showing the data is OK in the table but not on the website as seen in the last screen shot. Any thoughts what I'm doing wrong?


The first two pictures are from MyPHPAdmin The third picture is the header of my webpage. The fourth picture shows what appears on the webpage.

I have already added the UTF-8 instruction to the connection:

Conn.execute ("SET NAMES utf8")
SQL = "select * from Phrases WHERE Checked = TRUE Order by English ASC"
set RSrecord = Conn.execute (SQL)
Response.CharSet = "utf-8"


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Did you put the values into the database using the same encoding as when you read? Like, Form's are UTF-8, Data UTF-8, Connection on insert is UTF-8... –  DanFromGermany Nov 18 '13 at 11:01
Dan, I exported the values from an Access database to create the MySQL table. I think it's all UTF-8 –  John Nov 18 '13 at 11:24
What driver are you using to connect to MySql. If you're using MyODBC 3.51 then I recommend you upgrade to MyODBC 5.1 if you can. The only difference between these two pages is that the second one uses the later driver - clubdanceholidays.co.uk/aboutusru.asp , clubdanceholidays.co.uk/aboutusru51.asp –  John Nov 18 '13 at 13:42
@John Thanks for your suggestion. Yes I am using MyODBC 3.51. I tried changing it to 5.1 but got an error message. I logged into my host (GoDaddy) to find the version of MySQL and it turned out to be 5.0. I tried 'MySQL ODBC 5.0 Driver' but again got an error message. –  John Nov 19 '13 at 1:06
MyODBC isn't the database itself, it's the driver which asp uses to connect to it. You clearly have v3.51 of the driver installed and not v5.1, so you will need to use the 3.51 connection string unless you can get GoDaddy to upgrade to the newer version (or find another host - I know that Storm Internet use v5.1). This question covered the same sort of issues, and someone came up with a solution. stackoverflow.com/questions/18269039/… –  John Nov 19 '13 at 11:37
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Without seeing more of your source, my first question (or suggestion) is whether you are HTML encoding your output?

Response.Write Server.HTMLEncode(RSrecord.Fields("Thai_Script"))

If this doesn't work for you, can you show a bit more code?

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Thanks Polly. I tried (see below) but it didn't solve the problem. Which particular part of the code do you want to see? –  John Nov 18 '13 at 11:36
Conn.execute ("SET NAMES utf8") SQL = "select * from Phrases WHERE Checked = TRUE Order by English ASC" set RSrecord = Conn.execute (SQL) Response.CharSet = "utf-8" while not RSrecord.BOF and not RSrecord.EOF Thai = Server.HTMLEncode(RSrecord.Fields("Thai_Script")) Response.write ("<tr><td>" & RSrecord("English") & "</td><td>" & Thai & "</td></tr>") RSrecord.Movenext Wend Set RSrecord = Nothing Conn.close –  John Nov 18 '13 at 11:37
Can you just put something like Server.HTMLEncode("ฏปฏัก") in your code and verify that it can output correctly? Your HTML output should end up as &#3599;&#3611;&#3599;&#3633;&#3585; –  Polynomial Nov 18 '13 at 14:40
Thanks @Polly Yes, I tried that and did indeed get &#3599;&#3611;&#3599;&#3633;&#3585; –  John Nov 19 '13 at 1:09
Assuming that the data is all stored correctly in the database, which it does seem to be, and assuming that doing the above test rendered the Thai characters correctly, that would indicate to me that the issue is with the database driver. You've basically excluded all other layers of the request. I'd recommend updating it to the latest version, if it isn't already. Out of interest, could you post some examples of Thai data from the database and the HTML encoded output that it currently outputs for it? It might offer some clues. –  Polynomial Nov 19 '13 at 1:33
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I think I've worked this one out. First of all I should repeat that if you can possibly install MyODBC v5.1 then do so and don't bother trying to configure for 3.51. Unfortunately it would appear that the older driver is all that a certain large and well known web host seems to offer.

Here's a link to a version of my Russian Cyrillic page. It uses the old driver, (MyODBC 3.51)


The crucial points to note are:

1) In the first line:


Use 1252 rather than 65001 as your codepage value

2) Your line

Conn.execute ("SET NAMES utf8")

Adding this query immediately before the query to populate my recordset was the missing piece of the jigsaw for me.

3) The Charset meta tag

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

This should definitely be UTF-8. Essentially we're telling the server that it's a Windows-1252 page and the browser that it's a UTF-8 page.

4) What kind of encoding to use when you save the file

This is a little more complicated. If you're using Notepad then you need to use ANSI. The UTF-8 option is actually UTF-8 + BOM, which seems to create a conflict with the codepage definition in point 1. The problem with ANSI comes if you need to hardcode any non-western characters into your page - you couldn't insert them as they are, you would need to manually encode them first, eg for เครื่องบิน you would need to insert เครื่องบิน

If you have a more powerful editor than Notepad, (I use Editplus - http://www.editplus.com/ - it's not free but it's quite cheap) you may find two UTF-8 options. Choose the one without BOM.

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