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I am trying to setup tracd for the project I am currently working on. After creating a password file with the python script given in the site I am trying to start the server with authentication on. But it throws up warning saying No users found in the realm. What actually is a realm - I tried using trac as the value and also tried leaving it empty. I am using Windows XP. I am using Tracd Standalone server.

The Command Line sent was: tracd --port 8000 --auth=My_Test_Project,D:\My_Test_Project\Documents\Trac\digest.txt,Trac D:\My_Test_Project\Documents\Trac

The Warning message was - 'Warning: found no users in realm: trac'


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You ought to provide the error message instead of a description of the error message... – conny Oct 14 '08 at 9:11
Added the error message with the question. – Manoj Oct 14 '08 at 9:16
Even though the question is only somewhat programming related: you should also post the complete command line you're using to launch tracd. – conny Oct 14 '08 at 9:25
Added the command line that was used! – Manoj Oct 14 '08 at 9:41
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Replacing the above said command line with the one bellow helps.

tracd --port 8000 --auth=Trac,D:\My_Test_Project\Documents\Trac\digest.txt,Trac D:\My_Test_Project\Documents\Trac

The string after --auth= should be the environment name and not the project name.

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Check your password digest file. Looking at mine it appears that the output is stored as a line with three fields in this format: username:realm:passwordhash. If your getting that warning then it could be a mismatch between the realm field in the digest file and the realm that you're passing in when launching tracd.

Looking in the python generator script there are three options:

  • -u for user
  • -p for password
  • -r for realm

When I generate my digest file using this command line (assuming you named it trac-digest.py):

python trac-digest.py -u user -p pass >> digest.txt

it generates this line in my digest.txt:


So looks like the default realm is trac and launching tracd with the --auth option specified like the documentation says always gives me that warning 'Warning: found no users in realm: realm' But when I generate my digest file using the -r parameter:

python trac-digest.py -u user -p pass -r realm >> digest.txt

it generates this line in my digest.txt:


And I no longer get that warning when I specify the realm that I passed to trac-digest.py.

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The text referred to says that you must specify the realm name as "trac", not "Trac", but I have no chance of testing whether that makes any difference, sorry.

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