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I have a specificaiton for a project that accesses a third party service -RESTfully and requires oAuth authentication. [It accepts only GET method, and no access token is required since I will be trying to access the protected resources using consumer key and consumer secret values along with the oauth parameters.]

I am using SoapUI-Pro 4.6.1 and tried sending a GET request with oauth parameters as authorization header using signpost method, but my project accepts only when the oauth parameters are sent in the URL.

So, when I generate oauth signature, nonce and timestamp values manually using this link- and update it in my request URL, it is working fine.

Sample URL:

Instead of this manual step, is there a way to generate oauth_signature, oauth_timestamp & oauth_nonce values automatically and then use it in the request URI as an input parameter?

Thanks in advance!

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In the version SoapUI Version 5.0.0 and above, you have an option to add query parameters. On clicking the text box on parameters, we get a window with options to add parameters. Refer to the image.enter image description here

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