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How to put a time interval of one second in a Ruby while loop ? So that the loop loops for 30 seconds. It's a generator for bingo numbers.

while i < 30 # BrojacPocetak petlje.

  slucajno_generisan_broj = rand(1..49) # Slucajno generisan broj od 1 do 49.

  if izvuceni_brojevi.any? {|n| n == slucajno_generisan_broj} # Provjera dali je generisani broj vec u nizu.
    next # Vraca na pocetak petlje, ako broj vec postoji u nizu.
    izvuceni_brojevi << slucajno_generisan_broj # Inace ako generisan broj ne postoji u nizu, ova linija ga dodaje na vrh niza.
    i = i+1 # Index se povecava za 1.
  end # Kraj if petlje.

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I don't think the comments in the code help the majority of the readers, and is rather noise. – sawa Nov 18 '13 at 13:16
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Simply add a sleep 1 at the end of the while block:

while i < 30
  sleep 1
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