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im currently working on jqgrid using ci framework. just want to ask about the validation in jqgrid. I've seen that in jqgrid a column can be validated like this: editrules: {required:true}}, and so on...

heres my question, i want to know if its possible that if a client enters his/her desired username but it already exist. Is this possible using the jqgrid validations?

thanks -Dean

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You can do this using a custom edit rule

This is the example in the documentation

function mypricecheckforvalue(value, colname) {
if (value < 0 || value >20) 
   return [false,"Please enter value between 0 and 20"];
   return [true,""];
   colModel: [ 
      {name:'price', ..., editrules:{custom:true, custom_func:mypricecheckforvalue....}, editable:true },
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Here is a solution I figured out

      {name:'actualNo',index:'actualNo',editable:true, edittype:"text", width:150,editoptions:{
                                size: 15, maxlengh: 10,
                                dataInit: function(element) {
                                        var val1 = element.value;
                                        var num = new Number(val1);
                                        {alert("Please enter a valid number");}
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