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I like to know the difference between and Java EE.

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This is such a broad question. Would you mind clarify better what you're interested in? – Remo.D Jan 5 '10 at 9:36
Agreed - you're going to have to be more specific. Since you obviously don't think "Java vs .NET" is a good answer (although it isn't incorrect), what are you looking for? – Marc Gravell Jan 5 '10 at 12:36
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J2EE (since 3 years to be called "Java EE") is a bit broader than ASP.NET (that was an understatement). You can best compare "ASP.NET" with "JSF". They both have the same purposes/capabilities: a component based MVC framework which offers taglibs which are to be used in respectively ASP and JSP pages. The major difference is that ASP.NET is to be runt with C# "codebehind", while JSF is to be runt with Java "codebehind".

That's basically all. The one is based on C#, the other is based on Java.

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Java and .NET? ahem

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You would love working on Java EE ;)

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