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I get the error when I try to access the location attribute of the profile model. It occurs in the following line of code which is to display a link that filters search results:

<%= link_to_unless_current Profile.find_by_location(facet['term']).location, params.merge(location: facet['term']) %>

If I change:




the error disappears and the link shows and filters the search results correctly but has the form:

Link:/users?location=canada instead of just Link:canada

Any ideas why this is happening?

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In your db (profiles table) you don't have any profile with location=canada (that's the nil issue). – Aguardientico Nov 18 '13 at 15:14
For the link issue, do you have any route path that use the location in it? – Aguardientico Nov 18 '13 at 15:14
the profile does have a canada location. I have not setup any routes for since the link just filters the search results on the page. – Spiritual Intuition Nov 18 '13 at 15:20
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The error is raised because, probably, there are cases where the query


returns no results (nil) and you can't call the method location on a nil instance.

If you are not expecting the query to return a nil result, then check your database integrity. If you expect it, then deal with that.

One possibility is to use try as a shortcut.


But it can quickly become a bad habit, so don't do that unless you know what you are doing. Yo u should deal with the user input.

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