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When using h:selectOneRadio, JSF is rendering table elements (table, tbody, tr, td) along with it. Is there a way to make JSF render the html radio input and the label only?

I do not want to use tomhawk's layout="spread". I want to change such behavior for checkboxes also. I guess the only way is to supply a custom renderer. Can someone please guide me how I can create a custom renderer for this?

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Tomahawk is open source. Just look in source code of Tomahawk's renderer to learn how to create it yourself.

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you can make this

 <input type="radio" name="okok" value="value" />

and recuperate the item slected by

String value = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getRequestParameterMap().get("NomPourToutRadio")
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