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I would like to know what are your best practices in using and disposing a message queue. I would also appreciate if there is code especially in the disposing part in order to visualize your concept. The language is in C# or any .NET language will do. The queue that is being used is Microsoft Message Queues.

Currently I am encountering an error that our system is low on resources but our hardware specs are high in memory and disk space.

The specific error message that I am encountering is: Insufficient resources to perform operation.

Any significant or relevant help on this matter is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.

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In a load-test we ran in a convoi-situation and had the same issue.

To solve this, we increased the machine quota according to this Blog post

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Upvote. Nice link. I thought that coding is the only way in considering the efficiency of the message queue but there's more. –  yoitsfrancis Jan 7 '10 at 5:35

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