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I have problems to start up my R session with a .Rprofile on a unix server. When I start an interactive job everything works fine. When I start a batch job, it doesn't (batch jobs are started through TORQUE and distributed across different nodes). I checked ?Startup but I still don't know what's going on. My .Rprofile contains a print(...) line just to make sure and I ran the test-job.r file below in batch mode. It tells me that I have a .Rprofile file at the current working directory and at the user directory (they are the same) and that it contains my print(...) code. So why is R not running the .Rprofile file on startup?


print('Hallo World!')


profile1 = paste(getwd(),'/.Rprofile',sep='')
if(profile1) cat(readChar(profile1, 1e5))

profile2 = '~/.Rprofile'
if(file.exists(profile2)) cat(readChar(profile2, 1e5))


> file.exists(paste(getwd(),'/.Rprofile',sep=''))
[1] TRUE
> if(file.exists(paste(getwd(),'/.Rprofile',sep=''))) cat(readChar(paste(getwd(),'/.Rprofile',sep=''), 1e5))
print('Hallo World!')
> file.exists('~/.Rprofile')
[1] TRUE
> if(file.exists('~/.Rprofile')) cat(readChar('~/.Rprofile', 1e5))
print('Hallo World!')
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Sounds like you are running R with the command argument --no-init-file or --vanilla. –  Richie Cotton Nov 18 '13 at 16:16

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From Intro to R:

note that R CMD does not of itself use any R startup files (in particular, neither user nor site Renviron files)

I interpret that as meaning BATCH mode doesn't read the .Profile file. If you want it, I guess you need to explicitly source it in test-job.r.

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