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I'm trying to consume OpenTable's API. They use OAuth 1.0a 2 Legged authorization. From what I've seen in the source the OAuth1Authenticator.ForProtectedResource method was the one to use in order to achieve this, but not matter what I try, I cannot get passed the Invalid Consumer Signature error response from open table.

Here is a slimmed down version of the code, just for testing purposes:

    var client = new RestClient();
    client.BaseUrl = "<URL HERE>";
    client.Authenticator = OAuth1Authenticator.ForProtectedResource("<CONSUMER KEY>", "<CONSUMER SECRET>", string.Empty, string.Empty);

    var request = new RestRequest();
    request.Resource = "restaurant/";
    request.RootElement = "RestaurantDetailsResults";

    request.AddParameter("pid", "1111", ParameterType.QueryString);
    request.AddParameter("rid", "2222", ParameterType.QueryString);
    request.AddParameter("st", "0", ParameterType.QueryString);
    request.AddParameter("offersearchmode", "1", ParameterType.QueryString);

    IRestResponse response = client.Execute(request);

I managed to view the OAuth headers in the request, after it was passed to client.Execute call. The reason why it does not work, is because OpenTable requires the oauth_token param to be present and equal to "", and RestSharp seems to remove parameters that have any empty string as a value. Is there any way I could add the oauth_token="" param in the OAuth authorization header prior to the call to Authenticate, so it could be included in the generated signature?

Thanks in advance.

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