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I'm trying to make my android app poll the server for new messages using the example code in this blogpost. I managed to copy paste everything in my project. When I run my project however, it doesn't seem to do anything.

So I've got a PollingService class in a separate file (full code here) in which I tested whether it even gets called using the following constructor:

public class PollingService extends Service {
    public void PollingService() {"I AM ACTUALLY RUNNING", "IN THE Constructor!!!!");

I try to call the PollingService using the following onResume from within my mainActivity:

public void onResume() {
    int seconds = 3;
    AlarmManager alarmManager = (AlarmManager) getSystemService(ALARM_SERVICE);
    Intent intent = new Intent(this, PollingService.class); 
    PendingIntent pendingIntent = PendingIntent.getService(this, 0, intent, 0);
    alarmManager.setInexactRepeating(AlarmManager.ELAPSED_REALTIME_WAKEUP, SystemClock.elapsedRealtime() + seconds*1000, seconds*1000, pendingIntent); 

Does anybody know why the PollingService doesn't run? All tips are welcome!

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As I see from the code posted, the service is declaring a void method, not a constructor and that's probably the reason why you won't see the log.


public class PollingService extends Service {
    public PollingService() {
        Log.v("PollingService", "constructor");

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Alright, I fixed that. But still no sign of the message. Do you see anything wrong in my onResume method, or would you know any other reason why this wouldn't run? – kramer65 Nov 18 '13 at 16:58

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