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I've done a custom adapter for a listview containing a ProfilePictureView element from facebook SDK 3.5. Here the problem: there is a lot of lag while scrolling due to the loading profile image (if I remove it it's much less) although it's loaded asynchronously.

How can I solve this problem? below my custom adapter.

public class UserAdapter extends ArrayAdapter<User> {

/** Contacts list */
private List<User> Users;

/** Context */
private Activity Ctx;

public UserAdapter(Context context, int textViewResourceId, List<User> users) {
    super(context, textViewResourceId, users);
    this.Ctx = (Activity) context;
    this.Users = users;

public View getView(int position, View v, ViewGroup parent) {
    // Keeps reference to avoid future findViewById()
    UsersViewHolder viewHolder;

    if (v == null) {
        LayoutInflater li = (LayoutInflater) getContext().getSystemService(Context.LAYOUT_INFLATER_SERVICE);
        v = li.inflate(R.layout.row_friend, parent, false);

        viewHolder = new UsersViewHolder();
        viewHolder.mUserName = (CustomTextView) v.findViewById(R.id.friendName);
        viewHolder.mUserDescription = (CustomTextView) v.findViewById(R.id.friendDescription);
        viewHolder.mProfilePicture = (ProfilePictureView) v.findViewById(R.id.userPicture); 
    } else {
        viewHolder = (UsersViewHolder) v.getTag();

    User mUser = Users.get(position);
    if (mUser != null) {
        viewHolder.mUserName.setText(""+mUser.getName()+" "+mUser.getLastName());
        viewHolder.mProfilePicture.setProfileId(mUser.getIdFB()); //problem
        viewHolder.mProfilePicture.setCropped(true);              //problem
    return v;

static class UsersViewHolder {
    LinearLayout mLayout;
    ProfilePictureView mProfilePicture;
    CustomTextView mUserName;
    CustomTextView mUserDescription;
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