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i am working on a code which gives me following error. i donno whr i am goin wrong..can somebody help me please ??? Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals.

     Error in ==> gabor_fn at 23
  G(fix(Sx)+x+1,fix(Sy)+y+1) = exp(-nf*pi*((xPrime/Sx(yPrime/Sy).^2)).*cos(2*pi*f*xPrime);

my code is

                             theta =(i*15*pi)/180;
                               N = 12;

             x = -fix(Sx):fix(Sx)       
             y = -fix(Sy):fix(Sy)         
              [rowsx colsx numberOfColorChannelsx] = size(x);        
               % Get size of existing image B. 
                [rowsy colsy numberOfColorChannelsy] = size(y);        
              % See if lateral sizes match.         
             if rowsy ~= rowsx || colsx ~= colsy         
             % Size of B does not match A, so resize B to match A's size.         
             y = imresize(y, [rowsx colsx]);         
              xPrime = x * cos(theta) + y * sin(theta);             
              yPrime = y * cos(theta) - x * sin(theta);                      
           G(fix(Sx)+x+1,fix(Sy)+y+1) = exp(-nf*pi*((xPrime/Sx).^2+
          (yPrime/Sy).^2)).*cos(2*pi*f*xPri0me);    //THIS IS THE LINE WHERE I GET ERROR AND PARTICULARLY **G(fix(sx)+x+1,fix(sy)+y+1)**
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Run the code with dbstop if error, you will find that one of these is not a real positive integer or logical:


OR you will find that you overloaded a function, that is one of these will give an error:


I bet this does the trick, but otherwise please give the values and sizes of all variables used at the line when the code stops.

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