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I am new to vagrant and chef. I spin up my Vm using Vagrant and provision it using Chef-solo. I add the cookbook for glassfish downloaded from opscode chef. Glassfish is installed, but not started. I have given in my vagrantfile

chef.add_recipe "glassfish::attribute_driven_domain"
chef.json = {
  "glassfish" => {
    "base_dir" => "/usr/local/glassfish",
    "domains_dir" => "/usr/local/glassfish/glassfish/domains",
    "domains" => {
      "domain1" => {
        "config" => {
          "domain_name" => "domain1",
          "admin_port" => 4848,
          "username" => "root",
          "password" => "admin",
          "remote_access" => true
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You're going to need to give more information. What operation system are you running on? What cookbook are you using? Why is the service not started? Are there any logs to look at? What happens when you SSH into your VM and try to manually start the service? –  cassianoleal Nov 19 '13 at 9:46

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You only called the glassfish::attribute_driven_domain recipe. To create the domain you also have to call the glassfish::default recipe.
The glassfish::default recipe creates the domain.xlm template used as base for the Glassfish domain.

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