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Coding Problem: I cannot figure out how to format Font Type, Font Size, and custom Text Alignment or which file type is best accomplish the goal.

Real Life Task: Printing out bout sheets for a round robin wrestling tournament.

My Plan:

  1. Build a blank bout sheet template (complete)

  2. Print out 500 blank bout sheets (complete)

  3. Load blank pre-printed bout sheets in printer (complete)

  4. Write code that writes (bout data)-to->(individual formatted files) designed to print on perfectly top of template. (struggling)

  5. Print the bout sheets out in 30 minutes instead of spending 6 hours writing by hand.

    • Databases and making forms are a bit out of my depth right now.(although I'd appreciate any tips on how/where to start learning more on those subjects).

    • Also due to the scholastic athletics printer cartridge bureaucracy and tournament pace, it is cost/time effective for us to print out just the elements on top of the pre-printed bout sheet templates instead of printing out a complete bout sheet every time.

My Progress:

  1. I have filled an array:string Bouts[Number_of_Bouts][Number_of_Bout_Sheet_Elements] with all of the information needed to fill in every bout sheet.

  2. I have created the custom bout sheet template in office open and exported it to PDF format. I had a large supply printed.

  3. I have measured the exact dimensions of the template using Adobe Reader and have the (x,y) of each of the 13 locations that need to be filled.

  4. The coordinates were measured from the top left hand corner of the template, to the bottom left hand corner of where the text should start. I have it inches, cm, pixels and any other unit that might be needed.

I am stuck trying to figure out how to use the cords to tell the computer where to write the text.

The Code

Example Input Used Array[N][13] :

String00 String01 ... String012

String10 String11 ... String112
  .      .      ...    .
  .      .      ...    .
  .      .      ...    .
StringN0 StringN0 ... StringN12

Desired Code:

  1. Hardcore the ( x-cord, y-cord, font type, font size ) for each Sheet Elements Cords[Sheet_Elements][4];

I have never tried to format fonts with C++, So I have no idea how to hard code the font_type or font_size. I am guessing that the alignment values will be floats but I have not been able to find an example of code that does what I am trying to do.

for(int N=0; N<Total_Bouts;N++)//For Each Bout Number
 string output="Bout";
 streamstring ss;
 ofstream out;

 for(int i; i<Sheet_Elements;i++)//For Each Element
   float x1 = Cords[i][1];
   float y1 = Cords[i][2];

   //(need data type help)Font_Type=Cords[i][3]
   //(need data type help)Font_Size=Cords[i][4]

   //(need help)  At (x1,x2)
               // Measured from the top left corner
               // In Font_Type and Font_Size 
               // Write string in Bout[N][i]  using ofstream out

Thank You for your time. I hope some one can point me in the right direction!

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Pure C++ has no idea about stuff like fonts and printing (as in, using a printer to print on paper). You will need to use some kind of library or system functions for this, or generate files that understood by some kind of other software with print capability, or find another way. –  user2802841 Nov 18 '13 at 19:00

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