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I have created an application in WPF & used Arial & Verdana fonts

in TextBlocks & TextBoxes using the Font fallBack Syntax

it is working fine but on some client PCs i m getting an Issue of Font getting corrupt (both Arial & verdana) I dont actually know that the fonts are corrupt or not i tried reinstalling the fonts sometimes it works but sometimes it does not work

i m not able to get that this issue is with the Application or it is something related to the System..........

if i m able to get a permanent solution in my application it would be great......... else i need some solution so that on those system i will be able to run my application properly......

i badly need some solution.............

Thanx in Advance

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Can you post a screenshot so we can see what you mean by "corrupt"? – Matt Hamilton Jan 5 '10 at 11:03

WPF uses a special cache for fonts. It can get corrupted on some machines with crappy video cards/drivers. This article describes how to fix this issue. I've had this issue on my dev box and it worked.

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The Microsoft article did not solve the issue for me and isn't helpful in customer cases. After a little digging in the stack of the event viewer, I was able to code an acceptable solution for me: SystemFontFamilies error when binding to combobox

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