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I have built a site in Drupal Commerce and it is almost done with the development phase. I have started digging into the Taxes and Shipping configurations and I am a little overwhelmed by them. I understand how they all work, but I don't really know where to start. California's sales tax laws are pretty insane. I have read and watched all of the documentation on Drupalcommerce.org but there is little explanation for somebody in my scenario. Has somebody done this before? The products are being sold across the world so I need to prepare for VAT taxes and shipping as best as possible.

I have configured the sales tax for California and excluded it for people outside of the state. I do not want to create conditionals for the 1000 city that have different sales tax so I plan to either do an average or the highest sales tax (10%) for all CA residents. Do I have to have another rate for those people living in other states? If so, is it a flat rate for all states?

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