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I am using Django framework to build a website with the ability to record user information and its history of modification. As what i can image, i can use a Django self-defined app to record the information history. This self-defined app would contain classes with information stored in dictionary.

    Class Information(models.Model):
        user = models.OneToOneField(User)

        info = {'date': value}

    def create_information(sender, instance, created, **kwargs):
    if created:
    post_save.connect(create_control_information, sender=User)

Can any one tell me if there is some other better way to record information in Django web developing?

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Firstly, Because You'll want to access your user's history directly from a User instance, use django's ForeignKey field.

When doing so, accessing a users history will look something like this:


You can change the name the user's history from 'information_set' to, for example, 'history', by specifying related_name argument in the ForeignKey constructor, like so:

Class Information(models.Model):

And now to access a user's history, you can write:


Also, Please notice that in your current design, the info won't be stored in the database. I assume that most of the history data you want to store will have the same structure. Consider using a field for each piece of info you want to keep in your history. For example, for keeping the date and time of the action, use DateTimeField

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