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I tested my project in my local machine, and it worked fine. But after uploading to a remote server(CentOS), I cannot execute celerybeat.

Here is my command. python manage.py celeryd --events --loglevel=INFO -c 5 --settings=[settings-directory].production

This command works in the local machine(with --settings=[settings-directory].local), but in the remote server, ImportError: cannot import name celeryd occured.

Setting about celery is in base.py. local.py and production.py import the file. In production.py, there are just DEBUG, static, database settings.

I can import djcelery and celery in shell of the remote machine.

How could I solve this?


I think this is a version problem.. I'm reading about celery3.1

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Where did you get the command? django-celery docs say to start beat with python manage.py celery beat. – Lycha Nov 19 '13 at 7:14
@Lycha mechanicalgirl.com/post/… from here... I followed these steps. – margincall Nov 19 '13 at 14:44
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It turned out I used different version of Django in my remote server.

In Celery 3.1, there is no command named celeryd.

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