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How do I make a sumproduct that include condition? Like this:


I tried adding a IF but that didn't work:

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Your version with IF will work if you "array enter" with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER...... but more usually you use a "co-ercer" like +0 to convert the TRUE/FALSE values to 1/0 values, e.g.


[which can be normally entered]

or very commonly


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do your mean

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I have found a very useful way to apply a condition for the ranges on a SUMPRODUCT array formula, for the case where you would like to apply two conditions(x&y):

{=SUMPRODUCT(IF(x=range to find coincidences based on x, range to calculate based on conditions found), IF(y=range to find coincidences based on y, range to calculate based on conditions found)))}

that would look like this:

{=SUMPRODUCT(IF(C11=$C11:$C500,$I11:$I500), IF(C11=$C11:$C500,$J11:$J500)))}
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