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I'm creating several pivot tables. I've got my data source with a date column (set as Date). When I add the date either as a filter or row/column I get a complete list of all dates instead of a nice tree view by Year / Month / Day.

SO20058595 question examples

Is anyone able to provide some assistance? I'm tearing my hair out!

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Rather than filter the Row Labels would filtering the PivotTable suit (ie select a blank row above the PT plus the PT and apply Sort & Filter/Filter)? – pnuts Nov 25 '13 at 2:00

I don't think you can group dates for a pivot table filter, you can only do it for a regular filter or for a row/column of a pivot table.

To do it, just add the date field to the row/column of the pivot table and on the table shown, right click on one of the dates and click 'group' or 'ungroup'.

Check this link for more details:

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