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I've been working on my local windows system to develop an android app, all working fine in Eclipse. In order to implement some git versioning in a neat and tidy way alongside all my web-app based projects, I'm trying to move my project to a Linux box, accessible via a samba share over the local network. The samba all works fine.

Can someone guide me or point me to a guide to move a project which also includes class dependencies? Im fairly new to Android, Eclipse and Java so please forgive this novice. Thank you.

I've found this video-tutorial very helpful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVO0_UdQ_Wg

What I've done:

  • exported project (inc dependencies) as general archive file
  • Switched workspaces to the network drive.
  • Imported existing project from archive file

The errors I'm getting are:

  • SherlockActivity cannot be resolved to a type (SherlockActivity is a class dependency project)
  • Project has no project.properties file! Edit the project properties to set one.
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Here is what I would do:

  1. Keep Eclipse work space in local disk.
  2. Copy Android project from Eclipse work space to Samba share (assuming the drive name is X), X:\repo\myproject.
    • Here, if necessary, delete Eclipse generated folders and files like bin, gen, .project, .settings.
  3. Pull fresh copy of ActionBarSherlock to X:\repo\ActionBarSherlock.
  4. Delete myproject and ActionBarSherlock from Eclipse (via Package Explorer), probably by checking "Delete project contents on disk (cannot be undone)" as I already have copies on Samba drive.
  5. Create new "Android Project from Existing Code" and choose X:\repo\ActionBarSherlock\actionbarsherlock as a root directory.
    • Here, leave "Copy projects into workspace" unchecked.
  6. Create another new "Android Project from Existing Code" and choose X:\repo\myproject as a root directory.
    • Here, again, leave "Copy projects into workspace" unchecked.
  7. (Probably, myproject will fail to build with "SherlockActivity cannot be resolved to a type" error) Right click on myproject and choose "Properties" menu, go to "Android" tab and add actionbarsherlock from "Add library" field.
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