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I have an application that draws a lot of graphics and change them. Since I have many graphics, I thought of having the images outside the APK, downloaded from the internet as needed, and saved on the files application folder.

But I started to get outOfMemory exceptions.

The question is: Does android handle memory different if I load a graphic from APK than if I load it from 'disk'?

code using APK:


code if image is outside APK:

Drawable d = Drawable.createFromPath(pathName); topView.setBackgroundDrawable(d);



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No, internally they are handled the same. Most likely, you're leaking the images, or not cleaning them up as quickly as you could. Try calling Bitmap.recycle(); once you're done with an image, to force Android to clean it up.

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wait, what? you're leaking the images? Can you please expand on this... this doesn't sound like something that Google would just skim over... are you saying loading a local Drawable into memory creates a situation where unless you manually release the memory, it won't be GCed on its own? – Genia S. Oct 23 '11 at 16:36

At runtime, the memory footprint you're seeing should be about the same no matter which way you load it. Android will use a utility to byte-align resources internal to the apk which should improve loading times.

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