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I have a file with 1200 rows. I am trying to use every command which will plot any chunk of data (for example from 6th to 800th data but every 5 points. I know how to exploit every to select first 1000 data (but not any chunk) and every 5 points separately. Is there any way to do that in an one liner?

Plot "file.dat" every ::::1000 every 5 u 1:4 fails to do that. Thanks!

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See help every for an explanation of the empty sites in your every ::::1000 command:

   plot 'file' every {<point_incr>}

In your case you need only the point parameters, block marks distinct parts of a data file which are separated by one newline.

So you plot command to select every 5th point between the 6th and 800th row is:

plot 'datafile.dat' every 5::6::800 using 1:4
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Exactly this was what I was looking for! Many thanks! – kuki Nov 19 '13 at 18:30

If what you want is to plot every fifth point from only the first 1000 points, I do not think there is a (reasonably simple) way to do that in pure gnuplot. One option is to use an external command to do simple processing on your data file:

plot '< head -n 1000 datafile.dat' every 5

(For details on what that syntax does, type help plot special in gnuplot, or search for 'popen' in the gnuplot docs.)

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SO for any chunk from the entire series how could I possibly plot it? Thanks for the lead for plot special – kuki Nov 19 '13 at 6:17

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