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I have a website that I would like to be able to also play in mobiles.

In the interface I mostly use javascript. How can I detect the moves of the user's fingers on the screen , so I can call the right javascript functions?

For example , in my photogallery I have <input type="button" onClick="imagenext();"/> to call the imagenext, so the gallery renders the next image.

In case of mobile phones, how can I do something like onFingerMoved="imagenext();"

Or even better, how can I add the move events to my already existing code? Like onClick or onMove= function();

And of course I am looking for cross-mobile browser solutions

Forgive my childish examples, I am a begginer

Thanks in advance

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You can use jQuery Mobile to accomplish this. Here's their api documentation for the swipe event. You can implement what you are trying to do as follows:

$( "body" ).on( "swipe", function() {
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