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I'm trying to set up a Microsoft Access (2010) file as a database form. In my small scale tests, the database is working properly, and all the data is sitting in the database cleanly.

However, Access doesn't seem to like my setup. If I close and reopen the database, I get an error where #Deleted appears in every column. What's confusing me is that these records were put into the database by access.

As far as I can tell, there aren't any missing/orphaned records. Before closing and reopening to this error, I could check all three tables for compatibility (they would all pass), but when I tried to create a form, I'd get an error saying they weren't compatible.

Is this an error with how I'm approaching the database from Access? Or maybe how I have my MS SQL database setup?


A coworker informed me that this is a somewhat common problem with Microsoft Access. His solution was to use a Access Datbase Project (.adp) instead. This seems to solve the problem; I see the data again and can now create the forms that way.

Even though this works, if anybody knows why that is, I'm really curious as to why it works one way, but not the other.

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