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I am using Apache as server for SVN. I have installed TortoiseSVN client on the Windows Server machine. The options of SVN are not showing up when I right click on a particular folder. But the installation shows successfull. And the same is working on Windows XP machines. Can anyone tell what the problem would be.

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Try to kill explorer.exe in Task Manager and start it again:

  1. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete,
  2. Start Task Manager,
  3. Go to Processes,
  4. Select explorer.exe,
  5. Choose to End Process,
  6. Go to Applications,
  7. Select New Task...,
  8. Enter explorer,
  9. Press OK,
  10. Close Task Manager window.

If it does not help, restart your machine.

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It didnot worked..even after restart also... –  user2729112 Nov 21 '13 at 6:19

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