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I am having a small issue where I have the month (December 2013) and the Week Number (1, 2, 3 etc) and I need to find out the first date of each week.

I cannot do a simple search like finding the closest Sunday relative to a date since some weeks don't start on a Sunday at all.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Have a look at: php.net/manual/en/datetime.formats.relative.php –  jeff Nov 19 '13 at 4:45

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Considering you have the date of 1st of any month :

  • First find the next Sunday
  • Then add 1 week at a time to it to get subsequent Sunday's

Code :

$firstDayOfMonth = '2013-12-01';    // Try also with first day of other months

$week1 = $firstDayOfMonth;
$week2 = date( "Y-m-d" ,strtotime('next Sunday', strtotime( $week1 ) ) );
$week3 = date( "Y-m-d" ,strtotime('+1 week', strtotime( $week2 ) ) );
$week4 = date( "Y-m-d" ,strtotime('+1 week', strtotime( $week3 ) ) );
$week5 = date( "Y-m-d" ,strtotime('+1 week', strtotime( $week4 ) ) );

echo '
Week 1 starts on : ' .$week1 .'<br>
Week 2 starts on : ' .$week2 .'<br>
Week 3 starts on : ' .$week3 .'<br>
Week 4 starts on : ' .$week4 .'<br>
Week 5 starts on : ' .$week5 .'<br>';

Output :

Week 1 starts on : 2013-12-01
Week 2 starts on : 2013-12-08
Week 3 starts on : 2013-12-15
Week 4 starts on : 2013-12-22
Week 5 starts on : 2013-12-29
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Just try


     $first_day_this_month = date('M-D-Y',strtotime(date('M-01-Y')));
     echo date('M-D-Y',strtotime(date('M-01-Y')))." = ".date('M-d-Y',strtotime(date('M-01-Y')));//First day of month
     echo "<br>";   
     $last_day_this_month  = date('t');//last day of month


         $first_day_this_month = date('M-D-Y',strtotime(date('M-'.$i.'-Y')));//All day of month
        //echo $dateo[1];
            echo $first_day_this_month = date('M-D-Y',strtotime(date('M-'.$i.'-Y')))." = ".date('M-d-Y',strtotime(date('M-'.$i.'-Y')));//Week day of month
            echo "<br>";

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Use the second argument of strtotime to specify the date to calculate "next Sunday" and other relative dates from:

strtotime('next Sunday', strtotime('09/12/2013'));



echo date('m/d/Y', strtotime('next Sunday', strtotime('09/12/2013')));
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I need the first day of a week. Not necessarily a Sunday. For instance, if the week only has a Friday and Saturday, the code must return the date of the Friday since its the first day of that particular week –  mimmi Nov 19 '13 at 4:35
strtotime('this week', time()); Replace time(). Next sunday/last monday methods won't work when the current day is sunday/monday. –  Ali Nov 19 '13 at 4:41

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