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I'm currently work on a project on Google Earth(Using Google Earth plugin).

I'm trying to add a placemark in Google Earth and see this mark in

Google Earth(street view layer).But I can only see the placemark

in ground layer. The mark just disappear when I enter street view layer.

The following is my code

                var placemark = DS_ge.createPlacemark('');
                var icon2 = DS_ge.createIcon('');
                var style = DS_ge.createStyle(''); //create a new style
                style.getIconStyle().setIcon(icon2); //apply the icon to the style
                placemark.setStyleSelector(style); //apply the style to the placemark
                var point_test = DS_ge.createPoint('');

Is there a way to achieve the result that I can see the place mark in street view layer.

Any suggestion will be helpful :)

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I just add point_test.setAltitude(DS_ge.ALTITUDE_RELATIVE_TO_GROUND); but it doesn't work. – user2189424 Nov 19 '13 at 6:57

AFAIK no - this used to work without issue and I believe it is a bug. You are adding the placemarks correctly, but unfortunately Placemarks in streetview mode appear to be broken in the current version of the plug-in.

I would suggest you report the issue here

For what it is worth, the full desktop application has the same problem for me as well - and it doesn't even work on the web google maps - - so at a guess there is something really amiss with the "streetview" mode in general.

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Thank you for the advice. Just report this bug, hope they can fix it soon. – user2189424 Nov 21 '13 at 10:04

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