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I'm looking to implement a room booking calendar using ASP.NET

Before I go coding the whole thing myself I thought I'd ask to see if anyone knows of any good free or commercial components that do the following.

Display a calendar in month view with the ability to colour code specific days to denote full, partial or no availability.

Click on a specific day to see a day view which would then display hourly availability (again colour coded available/not available) with the option to then click "Book now" beside available hours.

Ideally this would be based on icalendar or some decent standard. It doesn't need to fancy ajax enabled or anything.

Any help !!

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Check out DevExpress's ASPxScheduler, or Telerik's Scheduling component. Both companies have fantastic support and awesome controls.

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We use Sync Fusion Schedule component for a hospital bed booking app: http://www.syncfusion.com/products/schedule/web/default.aspx

Its not cheap but is quite flexible and will probably do what you want.

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Intersoft's WebScheduler is a professional component with many advanced features.

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Maybe you would like DayPilot (my project)?


There is also an open-source edition of DayPilot (which doesn't include the traditional 6x7 month view, so far):



I've created a tutorial recently that shows how to build a hotel room booking application using DayPilot Pro (that's the paid one). I can't help myself and I'm adding a link:


This is a bit different approach (not using a month view) but I believe for multiple rooms it might be even better.

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