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Is there any way to open the hyperlinks present in webpage(opened in chrome) in firefox??

Firefox is the default browser for me. I have also set it default for HTTP/HTTPS in control paner->set default program.

Here are the details: I have a mozilla plugin which records all browser activities. I have a main test web page containing different hyperlinks to other pages for evaluation(actual websites cached in server).

I want the main test web page to open in chrome. But upon clicking, all other links should open in mozilla so that I can record the events for that page only.

Thanks, Atish

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It is possible but not worth the trouble :) (E.g. create a native application, register it as messaging host and have it receive requests from a Chrome Extension and open Firefox windows.) Why don't you port the mozilla plugin to Chrome ? –  ExpertSystem Nov 19 '13 at 8:28

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