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I have an array containing objects that looks like this:

var persArr = [
         {name: "Adam", age: 37}, 
         {name: "Ben", age: 36}, 
         {name: "Chris", age: 46}

What I would like to do is create a string variable which takes the given names in each object in the array and puts them together like this:

var str = "Adam, Ben, Chris";

Any suggestions as to achieve this?

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You can use map and join:

var str = (pers) {
}).join(", ");
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Try with:

var names = [];
for (var k in persArr) {

var str = names.join(', ');
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try something like this

       var persArr = [{name: "Adam", age: 37}, {name: "Ben", age: 36}, {name: "Chris", age: 46}];
       var ar_length = persArr.length;
       var temp_arr = [];
       for(var i= 0;i<ar_length;i++){
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