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So i've been googling for a while, but maybe I can't find the right keywords for my search...

Anyway, I'm trying to find myself a Regular Expression that can filter out empty spaces between my delimiters.

Let's suppose I have a string like Hey;Hi;Hello; I'm getting just Hey, Hi, and Hello. And thats exactly what I want.

Now the problem arises when there's an input like Hey;&nbsp Hi;; (I'm just using the &nbsp to represent input spaces).

If this happens I need to get only Heyand Hi, any ideas how it can be achieved through a Regular Expression ? I'm using C# objs, in case that helps in any way.


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In this case I just would use split() and trim() and no regular expressions. – user1567896 Nov 19 '13 at 9:21
If your problem is with   only, just string.Replace it before splitting the input. – vape Nov 19 '13 at 9:31
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There is no need to use regex:

var input = "Hey; &nbsp   Hi; ;;";
var result = input.Split(';')
                  .Select(c => c.Replace("&nbsp", " ").Trim())
                  .Where(c => c.Length != 0);
foreach (var item in result)
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