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I have a question about Google Maps API limitations for iOS and Android devices. That 2500 limit is per API key or per device (independent IPs of users downloading and using the app).

I can't find a straight answer anywhere. I've also read on Google Maps developer API that limits don't apply to iOS and Android mobile apps.

I want to develop an app compatible with Android, iOS, phones and tablets which will be free of charge to users, and will use the map load, geocode, reverse geocode, routes and probably POI APIs. Users will be able to login in the app to post comments and classifieds, but you DON'T have to log in to see the map and use other services.

I want to confirm with someone from Google, if possible, if I have to buy a licence of any kind of not. It's not clear to me, even after reading the entire documentation from the developer site.

Also, do you know where can I contact Google directly (the support page directs me to StackOverflow...)

Thanks in advance

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