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I am starting to use the pdb Python debugger in Emacs, and I am used to the keys in the perl debugger, which I would like to also be able to use in pdb. How can I configure the debugger in Emacs to have the same keybindings as in Perl, like "restart=R" or "print=x"?

I don't mind if this is only specific to debugging in Emacs and not the pdb debugger in the console, I am going to do all my debugging in Emacs anyway.

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You could add your request here: bugs.launchpad.net/python-mode/+bug/1248657 However not sure if it's affordable. –  Andreas Röhler Nov 19 '13 at 10:48

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Here is the code I use to do force a pdb restart, which first sends a restart via comint-send-input, but falls back to killing and restarting the pdb process with the same arguments and default-directory if that fails.

(defun pdb-restart ()
  (comint-insert-send "restart")
  (sleep-for .5)
       (last-lines-match "raise Restart.*
       (last-lines-match "restart")
       (not (get-buffer-process (current-buffer)))

    (let (
      (kill-buffer-query-functions nil );disable confirming for process kill
      (pdbcmd (car-safe (symbol-value (gud-symbol 'history nil 'pdb))))
      (default-directory default-directory)
      (cd default-directory)
      (pdb pdbcmd))
  (comint-insert-send "n")
(defun comint-insert-send (input)
  (insert input)
(defun last-lines-match (regexp &optional n)
  (setq n (or n 3))
  (re-search-backward regexp (line-beginning-position (- 0 n)) t))

You can bind pdb-restart to 'R' via something like this:

(add-hook 'pdb-mode-hook '(define-key (current-local-map) "R" 'pdb-restart))

As for print, in pdb, you can simply do p pythonexpression, so there isn't much to short-cut. However, you can bind x to 'print ' using the following:

(define-key gud-mode-map "x" (lambda () (interactive)  (insert "print ")))
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