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I was really inspired by the layout of this site which is said to be using Susy and I want to make the layout for my new website with the same idea. What I want to have is a layout which spans fully across the browser width but also at the same time stays responsive. I used 'fluid' container style in Susy but I don't know how to maintain the fixed gutter width. Here is my settings:

   $total-columns: 4; 

   $column-width: 4em;

   $gutter-width: 1em;

   $container-style: fluid;

   $tablet: 8;

   $desktop: 12;

Could you please tell me what's wrong with my settings and what possible settings that site is using?

Thank you!

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The site you linked to does not maintain a fixed gutter width. Susy 1 doesn't have any support for that, but Susy 2 (currently in alpha) does. You might be able to fake it in Susy 1 by setting gutters to 0, applying border-box box-sizing to all your grid elements, and then adding you gutters manually as padding.

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Thank you Eric for your swift reply! Do you know what container style that site is using, fluid or magic? Regarding the layout I want to make (e.g, spanning the whole page width but still responsive), are my settings above ok? – Phi Van Ngoc Nov 20 '13 at 7:13
Since they have max-width: 73em; on their container (.inner-content), I'd say they are using the default "magic" setting. But for what you want, your settings above are great. – Miriam Suzanne Nov 20 '13 at 7:58
I didn't know that there is a section to download the sample code on the site and it's exactly using magic layout as you said. Thanks a lot Eric! – Phi Van Ngoc Nov 21 '13 at 9:04

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