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I have been using the Effects package quite successfully in the past with lme4 but now I am stuck with a really simple example using glm. When fitting a binomial glm and then plotting the interaction using Effect I get an error message "Error in Analyze.model(focal.predictors, mod, xlevels, default.levels,:the following predictor is not in the model: Freq*Gp". Below is a simple example that illustrates my problem.

Thanks for your help.

Resp<-sample(c(0,1),40, replace=T)

m2<-glm(Resp~Freq*Gp, data,family=binomial)
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From the help section: focal.predictors for Effect is asking for a character vector of predictors. For interactions, it's just a matter of supplying a vector of both main effects.

eff <- Effect(c('Freq', 'Gp'), m2)


Freq*Gp effect

Freq          A   B
  1   0.4000000 0.3
  1.2 0.4196106 0.3
  1.4 0.4394784 0.3
  1.6 0.4595421 0.3
  1.8 0.4797378 0.3
  2   0.5000000 0.3
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Thanks, quoted interaction terms worked just fine until now but that's certainly a better way of doing it. – nclaidiere Nov 20 '13 at 10:09

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