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I am trying to read my gmail inbox using the mail gem. I am able to get the message array using Mail.last.

Now I want to READ this message. The documentation says--

ail ='/path/to/message.eml')

mail.envelope.from   #=> ''
mail.from.addresses  #=> ['', '']
mail.sender.address  #=> ''              #=> ''              #=> ''
mail.subject         #=> "This is the subject"       #=> '21 Nov 1997 09:55:06 -0600'
mail.message_id      #=> '<>'
mail.body.decoded    #=> 'This is the body of the email...

Now, the problem remailns - what is /path/to/message/eml ? How do i create/locate this EML file?


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I've not used this gem, but looking at the README, should be that Mail.last returns an instance of Mail.

You say Mail.lasts works, i.e. it retrieves the email from gmail given your settings

What happens when you do:

mail = Mail.last
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