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I have a web application which is works with jboss- version and I maintain a external folder directory call StaticContent for keep images and documents. Inside that there are multiple subfolders for particular images and documents. Folder structure is as follows:


and I defined the path of that in the jboss server profile.xml file which is located in following path.

jboss- - profile.xml

<bean name="BootstrapProfileFactory" class="org.jboss.system.server.profileservice.repository.StaticProfileFactory">
      <property name="bindingsURI">${jboss.server.home.url}conf/bindingservice.beans</property>
      <property name="bootstrapURI">${jboss.server.home.url}conf/jboss-service.xml</property>
        <property name="deployersURI">${jboss.server.home.url}deployers</property>
        <property name="applicationURIs">
            <list elementClass="java.net.URI">
        <property name="attachmentStoreRoot">${jboss.server.data.dir}/attachments</property>
        <property name="profileFactory"><inject bean="ProfileFactory" /></property>

while the jbosss deployment process going it takes mapping ctx path for all above folders

INFO  [TomcatDeployment] deploy, ctxPath=/document
INFO  [TomcatDeployment] deploy, ctxPath=/companyImages
INFO  [TomcatDeployment] deploy, ctxPath=/heInstitutesImages
INFO  [TomcatDeployment] deploy, ctxPath=/viInstitutesImages 
INFO  [TomcatDeployment] deploy, ctxPath=/NewsArticleImages

and folders create in jboss localhost as follows:

    |--> document
    |--> companyImages
    |--> heInstitutesImages
    |--> viInstitutesImages
    |--> NewsArticleImages

once I migrated to tomcat server (apache-tomcat-7.0.42) I have to configure ctx path for each subfolder in the tomcat server.xml as follows:

<Context docBase=".../Projects/StaticContent/document.war" path="/document" crossContext="true" /> 
<Context docBase=".../Projects/StaticContent/companyImages.war" path="/companyImages" crossContext="true" />
<Context docBase=".../Projects/StaticContent/heInstitutesImages.war" path="/heInstitutesImages" crossContext="true" />
<Context docBase=".../Projects/StaticContent/viInstitutesImages.war" path="/viInstitutesImages" crossContext="true" />
<Context docBase=".../Projects/StaticContent/NewsArticleImages.war" path="/NewsArticleImages" crossContext="true" />

In my application I have to intruduce new subfolders according to new changes. So are there anyway to configure subfolders of the external directory in tomcat using single configuration (giving only the parent path like in jboss)?

Appriciate if anyone can give an idea regarding of this.

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